Friday, March 5, 2010

Using Auto FP High Speed Sync On Nikon CLS

When shooting portraits in bright daylight Auto FP can be your best friend.  Let me explain......

 When your shooting portraits in the mid-day sun you can walk your shutter speed well above the typical 1/250th mark into the 1/3000th or higher on some Nikon CLS compatible cameras. Why do you need such high shutter speed in portraiture you ask?  Lets look at the creative aspect of it all.  Greater than 1/250th shutter speeds will allow us to choose a greater F/stop without blowing the highlights. Faster shutter + f/ 2.8 = pleasing out-of-focus backgrounds. If you don't already shoot in Aperture Priority mode (A mode on most DSLRs)  I suggest you give it a try.  

At close distances ie. 10-15 feet you should have no issues using a shutter speed of 1/1000th via Nikon's CLS system and Auto FP.  I carry a Nikon D700 and SB 900s and rely on Auto FP well into the 1/5000th range on a Daily basis.  So the next time you stuck in "Bad Light" get those Nikon speedlights out and give it a try.


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