Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Afternoon at the Park

Challenger 7 Memorial Park that is and what an enjoyable time was had.  I blew the dust of some old Inter-Fit ex150s I had laying around, reached for the Vagabond II portable power supply and headed out.  hit the jump for the whole scoop.
What no speedlights you ask?  Don't be silly..... I never leave home without them.  I used the ex150 mono blocks for some rim lighting on the following shot.  I went for a hard light only using the 7in reflector which separated the subject from the background nicely.  I believe I was at 1/250th F/8 on the first set we shot.  Remember the shutter speed controls the ambient light and aperture controls the depth of view as well as flash exposure in the strobists world.  With my cheetah boom and 12in softbox paired with a sb900 high camera right, triggered by my ever-so-faithful pocket wizard plus II, I was ready to shoot.
The next shot was a one light setup..... You guessed it!  Cheetah softbox paired with a sb900 triggered by a PW.  The light was held in position by a VAL (voice activated boom) , aka Amberly, through a small Y in the tree. I was hanging out somewhere in the 1/100th F/8 on this one with the flash on 1/4 power.

The final curtain call.....  This last shot, which I was looking forward to all morning, was the same setup as the last.  I was at 1/250th to kill the ambient and F/14 I believe to get a nice depth of view.  Not a very technical shot but fun nonetheless.


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