Friday, February 19, 2010

Bracketing Exposure....What's That???

Sometimes, on one picture, you might have some areas of underexposure (usually in the shadows) and some areas of overexposure (we call them 'highlights'). If you meter for the shadows, the highlights will be 'blown' -- i.e. way overexposed. Conversely, if you meter for the highlights, the shadows will be way underexposed and you'll lose all details there. Wanna know more hit the jump....

One solution is to use exposure bracketing. Take one picture metering for the shadows; without moving the camera (hence the use of a tripod is mandatory here), take a second picture metering for the highlights; then, take a third picture with an average metering. Load all three images into your favorite image editing software and overlay one on top of another. By carefully removing the portions of the image that are not properly exposed (or, if you prefer, by carefully combining the portions that are correctly exposed), you end up with one image with correct exposure throughout.


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