Sunday, January 10, 2010

White Balance

White Balance is an aspect of photography that many digital camera owners don’t understand or use but it’s something well worth learning about. It can have a real impact upon the shots you take. So for those of you who have been avoiding White Balance – let me introduce you to it. I promise to keep it as simple as possible.

Why would you need to get the color right in your shots?

You might have noticed when chimping shots after taking them that at times images can come out with an orange, blue, yellow etc look to them. To the naked eye the scene looked quite normal. The reason for this is that images different sources of light have a different color temperature to them. Fluorescent lighting adds a bluish cast to photos and tungsten (incandescent/bulbs) lights add a yellowish tinge to photos.

Typical Pre-set WB on most DSLR


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