Monday, January 11, 2010

Orbis Ringflash Review

The first thing I noticed with the Orbis Ring Flash was that it’s a “jam it on your flash” it has something like a plastic claw inside the base, you slide that part over your flash unit, in my case a Nikon SB900, and it sits on top. I liked the Orbis and I think given that there is only $10.00 in it that I would go for it over the Ray Flash and I’ll tell you why – When you have the Ray Flash on the front of your Flash, it covers the IR sensor that your camera uses to focus in darker conditions when it has the flash unit on… With the Orbis, this is not the case. It stands straight up and out of the way. Firing it via a iTTL cable works as advertised and firing via CLS is simple and reliable. I have used PW's cliped on to the laynard but it became a bit combersome. Overall the orbis provides great BANG! for the Buck.


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